Excited Grandma To Be!

So obviously my mom was one of the first people that Danni and I told the good news too.  She’s been anxiously awaiting her first grandchild for far longer than I’ve married so you can imagine just how happy she was to be informed that we were expecting.

In case you can’t imagine, here she is a mere 2 weeks after we told her at her Tin Palace in Arizona…

We’re thrilled to have such love from all of our family wherever they might be in the world.  We can’t wait for him to meet his wonderful relatives.

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6 Weeks, Baby’s First Scan

As first-time parents in the early days, we were both overly excited and a little nervous to see how our little bean was doing.  We simply couldn’t wait for the NHS 12 week scan to establish the viability of the pregnancy, so we opted for a private early scan to make sure everything was OK.

Everything was! What’s more, baby’s heart beat was already detected at this early stage which is a very promising sign!! Here are a few photos and even a couple of videos of his very early progress at 6 weeks– seeing our baby for the first time on the ultrasound screen felt so surreal yet so real.


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I received a frantic phone call from Danni today with what was possibly the best news I’ve ever heard.

We were pregnant!

Given that the initial test we had was a year expired, I didn’t want to get my hopes up so rushed home and picked up a few more tests along the way.  Fortunately, the next test (and all of the subsequent ones that followed) showed that happy little + sign!

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