20 Weeks, Anomaly Scan

We had our all important 20 week scan today where the NHS gets their first, proper look at our little guy. This is a detailed scan of the fetal anatomy (the heart, brain, face, spine, bowel, stomach, kidneys, limbs, hands and feet) looking for any abnormalities.  If we hadn’t already discovered the gender they would also have told us what we should be expecting.

He’s looking much more like a baby now than the previous platypus shape he had during our previous scan.


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18 Weeks, I Feel Baby’s First Movements

You hear so many versions of how baby’s first movements are like, from butterfly fluttering, bubble popping to fish swimming… For me it began with a little bumping movement,  a pulse like feeling, a quick jump.  I first felt this sensation a few days ago and I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but after a couple of days there was no mistaking it.  9 out of 10 times Flynn would bump me each day around 3pm when I have my post-nap strawberry treat. In those photos where my fingertips are is where he does his little jumps 😉

Then gradually it moved on to proper little wiggles, so lovely! After I felt his movements, ”being pregnant” was not just a concept anymore.  It evokes the tenderest feelings, the deep connection between you and him, a very gentle but clear reminder that there is a real baby growing inside of you and from this point on, you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect him.

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