Naps & Baths

Just a quick post to add a few new photos.  I took a couple of shots of Flynn napping this afternoon as well as a couple of images of him post-bath (which you’ll be happy to learn we’re getting much better at).

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Baba’s Visit

Most of you know already, but Danni’s father is here to stay with us for a few months to help out with the new addition to our family.  He’s been an incredible asset to have on hand with his wealth of child rearing knowledge and his cooking prowess has left us all very happy!  It’s also been a blessing to have someone on hand to pass Flynn off to when Danni and I have reached the end of our rope and just need a couple hours of sleep.

I managed to get a couple of nice photos of Grandpa (外公)looking after Flynn as well as a photo of the wee man sleeping in his bed.

I’m not sure how we would have managed these past couple of weeks without his help!

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One of the gifts little Flynn received was a box of cute milestone cards.  It includes these A5 sized cards with various “events” that mark important or exciting stages of a baby’s life.  Things like 1 week old or Smiled for the first time.

I’ve added the first couple of images to a gallery and I’ll continue to add to it the photos we take with his milestone cards as he grows up.

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We tried to give little Flynn his first (sponge) bath and it didn’t go as smoothly as planned.  We’d set up his wee baby-tub on the changing table with a couple of inches of warm water in it with the intention of setting him in while one of us held him and the other sponged him down.

The room heater was working overtime to keep the room warm, we had the lights low and even some “twinkle twinkle little star” music playing.  By all accounts it was the perfect setup for a nice, relaxing bath.Everything was in place, but our execution of it all was off from the get-go.  

We placed him on some warm blankets on our bed and had a large, plastic bandage to cover his newly cord-stump-free bellybutton.  I placed it too low initially and when we removed it, it caused him no small amount of discomfort.  We later learned that if removed when wet, it comes off painlessly…

While we were messing about with the pre-bath routine the warm air combined with his newfound nakedness triggered the waterworks to start at the foot of our bed.  I can now say that trying to catch pee with cupped hands is ineffectual at best.  When he’s finished all you’re left with is a handful of pee that leaks out all down the hall as you try to race it to the bathroom.

Once we got him into the bath, the soothing of the warm water did not have the intended effect.  Instead, it raised the volume of Flynn’s protestations by a few decibels and we managed to make about 3 passes with the sponge before we decided to throw in the literal towel, give up and dry the little man off.

There was some post-bathing lotions to apply which didn’t make things any better, but it did give me some free hands to take this video that I’m sure he’ll love one day.

Caution: turn your volume down before playing this.

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Gifts for Flynn

We’ve been exceptionally blessed to receive quite a number of gifts for our little man from friends, family and even colleagues.  I just wanted to share a few photos of the thoughtful items that our lucky little boy has been gifted and send out a public thank you to all of the incredibly thoughtful people in our lives.

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On Your Birthday…

I thought it would be nice to know about some of the things that were happening in the world on the day you were born.  First though, here are the specifics of your actual birth.

Date: 07/11/2016
Time: 11:03
Location: Chelsea Westminster Hospital
Outside Temperature: 6°C
Your Weight: 3.32KG (7.32lbs)
Your Length: 55cm (1′ 9″)

And some random things that were relevant on this date to your family and the world at large.

  • UK Number 1 Song: Shout Out To My Ex (Little Mix)
  • Top Movie: Doctor Strange
  • Price of a liter of gas/petrol: £1.15/liter
  • Dad was playing through the recently released Paper Mario: Colour Splash on the Wii U
  • Your Grandfather is currently staying with us to help out
  • The 2016 US presidential elections between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were only a day away.  Trump won, hopefully the world doesn’t end and you get to actually read this.

Also, these waste bins were all over your hospital maternity ward:

At first I thought they were just comically named.  Then I changed your first diaper and understood.

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He’s Here!!

It’s hard to believe, but he’s finally here!

Our little man finally arrived after a lengthy stay at the hospital.  Mummy was in labour for quite a long time and required some assistance in the end, but Flynn arrived happy and healthy and mum is recovering very well.

It was a bit of a crazy day so we didn’t get nearly as many photos as we would have liked, but we’re so happy to have him around now and there will be a wonderful lifetime of photos to take ahead of us.

I did manage to sneak a recording of his first little cry though.  We talked about doing a video of his delivery, but I’m not sure anyone would ever want to see that.  The recording is adorable though (in our opinion!); take a listen!

Welcome buddy, and happy birthday!!!

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