First Christmas

For Flynn’s first Christmas we had a very full house!  Grandpa was here from China and Grandma flew in from Canada in order to spend the little man’s first major holiday together.  Our tiny house was cramped, but definitely full of love.  There was lots of delicious treats and food; none of which Flynn could enjoy obviously, so mummy and daddy filled our parental roles and ate his share for him.  

There were also lots of gifts too!  Flynn’s excitement levels over the brightly coloured wrapping papers and shiny ornaments were hard to gauge, but we’re pretty sure he was pleased with this years offerings.  Even if most of them will be in storage for a few months until he grows into them, or develops a bit of manual dexterity so he can play with the toys.

He got lots of quality time with Grandma during her short stay and can’t wait to see her again!  Hopefully this summer when we do a whirlwind tour of Canada (and by Canada, I mean Alberta).

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Flynn has a noise.  I’m not talking about the crying/screaming sounds he makes when he’s unhappy, hungry, tired, or just generally unsure about the stability of the modern world.  Nor am I talking about the (allegedly) involuntary noises that escape him from either end before, after and during a feed.

I’m talking about when he wants to say hello to us or let us know that everything is OK (at least that’s my interruption of what it means).  I caught it on video while trying to get him smiling for grandma and it sounds like this:


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Flynn’s First Encounter With Santa

One of the things I always looked forward to as a wee child was going to see the mall Santa every year in the run-up to Christmas.  We have a stack of cheesy Polaroids throughout the years with my brother and I on the knee of whichever reasonable facsimile of Santa was present for the kids to pass on their Christmas wishes to.

Our local shopping center has always done a “Santa’s Grotto” but never having a child before this was the first year I’ve gotten to go inside and take a look.  It was surprisingly well done and the reworked shop the grotto was in was decked out with festive pine trees, snowy pathways and plenty of Christmas lights.  In the center of it all was a small, frosted cottage that contained the big man himself.

We had turned up shortly before lunch on a Monday, so we were the only ones there which was a stark contrast to the long queues that stretched down the mall that we witnessed on the weekend prior.  We had plenty of time to take it all in and have a chat with Santa and his photographer elf while we tried to get Flynn into a presentable position.

He was actually very well behaved and we ended up with the below photograph of Flynn and Santa both in their Festive Fineries.

For what it’s worth, I wish they had provided a digital copy of the image instead of the print.  As it is, having to take a photo of a hastily (and poorly) printed low resolution image does something to the inner photographer in me.  It is what it is I guess, and we’re happy to have it.

Also; hearing Santa talk with a British accent is just wrong.

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To Capture An Elusive Smile

So Flynn has been discovering various facial muscles over the past few weeks and he would frequently, but randomly, hit on the required muscle groups to generate what was basically a smile.  He wasn’t happy or unhappy when this happened, it was pure coincidence that he seemed to be smiling.

That all changed today.

What started as a squeeze of the nostril to dislodge a particularly chunky booger (don’t let anyone tell you parenting is glamorous) quickly turned into a game of boop-for-smiles where I would poke his nose and he would reward me with a big, goofy grin!

Fantastic I thought.  Grandma was already holding him, I’ll go grab my camera and take a photo of this new-found mastery of human expression.  What follows is a small sample of the 50 or 60 non-smiling photos I took in my failed attempt to capture his cheeky-monkey grin.

Not a smile in the house

It’s too bad photos of him crying aren’t exactly cute.  Those are MUCH easier to come by.

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Play Date With Lawrence

Today was the first day that Flynn got to meet a new friend.  I had hopes of the two of them babbling away together comparing colourful toys and best drooling practices, but instead Flynn decided to sleep for the duration of the visit.  He missed out though, because his buddy-to-be Lawrence was a little star!

We got to meet Lawrence earlier in the year when he was but a week old and my has he grown!  At ~5 months he dwarfs our little Flynn and it’s hard to imagine we’ll ever have a boy that size. Lawrence is definitely a little charmer, just look at those big, blue eyes!

Thanks again to mom and dad (Kate & Adam) for bringing him over, for joining us for tea and for the lovely gift. We look forward to watching Flynn learn about his hands and feet with the lovely wrist/sock rattles!

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One of the many, many questions the many, many midwives who visited us asked was “And what is Flynn’s ethnicity?”.  Up until this point I’d been telling people that he would be one half Canadian (from Dad), one half Chinese (from Mom) and half British (from birth place).  I’m pretty sure my math checks out here.

At any rate, that wasn’t an option to select in their fixed list of possible ethnic combinations.  I believe we ended up with “Mixed Background” as for some reason they didn’t even have Caucasian + Chinese/Oriental.

Upon further inspection however, I’m pretty sure there’s also some Elven lineage mixed in there somewhere too.  Just look at these ears!

Or maybe he’s also one half Vulcan.  I’m not sure if he’s more into Fantasy or Sci-Fi fictions just yet…

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First Outing

While it’s true that Flynn has been out of the house a couple of times so far for trips to the hospital or for 2am drives to calm him down, but today was the first time he was outside for any real length of time.

We had to take him to the nearby clinic to get him weighed to make sure he was still gaining weight along the prescribed path (he is) so we thought we’d walk over and try out his shiny new pram.  He looked adorable in his fluffy polar bear snow suit!

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