Tummy Time

So the little man has been getting progressively stronger and can hold his head up on his own for the most part now.  He still loses control every now and then but apart from the occasional, unintentional headbutt his neck muscles are now strong enough for any position he can get himself into.

Nowhere is this more obvious (and adorable) than during his tummy time.  He’s able to hold himself up and look around the room without any issues now…won’t be long before he’s crawling around and getting into all sorts of trouble!

While I do like the fact that he currently stays in one place, we’re both really looking forward to seeing him scoot about on his own.

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Trip to the Park

Danni often takes Flynn for a walk to our nearby parks, but this weekend we decided to take a drive to one of the larger ones in our neighbourhood for a change of scenery.  Also, it’s a far more photogenic than our immediately accessible parks so we brought the camera along to get a few photos.

Can’t wait till the weather warms up a bit more and we can make these trips regularly.

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Flynn’s 100th Day Celebration (百岁宴/百日宴)

In Chinese culture, the 100th day after a child’s birth is a significant milestone. In the old days, sadly many babies couldn’t make this far due to sickness and poor living conditions, but after 3 months the survival rate is much higher which undoubtedly calls for a celebration amongst family and friends. In Christian tradition such celebration is on the Christening day, in Jewish it is Brit Milah – most of the time it is a religious event. The Chinese 100 days celebration however does not have a religious attachment, it just presents a perfect opportunity to introduce the new member to the world, to get blessing from the grandparents and also being admired by other family members and friends.
The reason why it’s the 100th day after birth is purely because it represents the good wish that the baby will live 100 years. Like Brit, which is usually celebrated on the 7th day or after one month, for most babies and mothers this is still a bit too early. Commonly after the 3 month mark, babies are physically stronger and they can stay awake over an hour to interact with people.

There are some traditional customs that are practised on this day, for example the baby will wear a silver or gold longevity pendant (in Chinese called Longevity Lock (长命锁) on the neck meaning to have health and happiness locked in. Family will paint the egg shell red and hard boil them to serve. Longevity noodles (长寿面) are also prepared (it’s just regular noodle), all symbolised the good wishes for baby: a happy long lifetime and living life to the fullest.  In the old days parents would often arrange for baby’s first hair cut on this day, and in modern days, baby’s hand and foot casts also made to mark this wonderful life event.

Initially I wanted Flynn’s grandpa (外公) to be here for this important day, however he had to return to China a week before due to personal matter.  But grandpa, both of Flynn’s grandmas (奶奶和外婆),and uncle Qing all sent loving messages to wish Flynn him a happy day and a happy long life. My best friends in China also sent greetings and gifts as tokens of their love. Over here in the UK, although no ceremony, Flynn put on a new outfit from grandma (外婆), and a gold longevity locket from auntie Wei(尔葳)for the picture. A trip to the local park during the day– I long for the day Flynn is running around rather than sleeping in his pram ;). As for food, I prepared some egg noodles for myself which also fits the traditional custom: eggs to represent living life to the fullest and noodle representing long healthy life. I also got a strand of blonde/brown hair (how bizarre!) from above Flynn’s right forehead, later on to be put into a locket pendant for me to wear. When Kevin has returned from work, we all got involved to produce a set of adorable hand & foot casts which I‘m sure that Kevin will dedicate a new post to.

So once more little Flynn, Happy 100th Day! 米子宝宝,百日快乐!

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Flynn Found His Hands

For the past week or so Flynn has been a fan of licking anything that gets near his mouth.  This usually results in little wet spots on his clothes, blanket or your shirt if you happen to be holding him close.  However, he was limited to licking things that were put in the direct vicinity of his mouth though so we could sort of mitigate what came into contact with his tongue.

Well this past weekend he’s discovered that he could simply put his hand in his mouth and lick that instead of waiting for something to wander into his danger zone.  It started rather comically with him realizing this but then not quite getting how to get hand to mouth directly, which resulted in him basically punching himself in the face and then sliding his hand to his mouth.  He didn’t seem to mind though, I guess the reward outweighed the sting of a slap to the cheek so he persevered.

By the end of the weekend he’d actually figured it out fairly well and could put hand to mouth without the danger of a black eye.  Now he’s just got to figure out that he can’t actually lick both hands at the same time and he’ll be golden!

My only concern at this point is that he seemed to really favor his left hand.  Is he going to be a lefty?!  If so, his uncle Robert is going to have to be his fencing coach when he gets older…

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Side Sleeping

I think it’s because we’re so used to seeing Flynn sleep on his back that there’s just something adorable about when he sleeps on his side.  It makes him seem more like a real, little person I guess?

At any rate, they’re cute photos of the little man sleeping 🙂

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Flynn’s First Laugh

So Flynn has been happily smiling away now for a month or so, reacting to various toys, noises or facial expressions in a way that would melt the hardest of hearts.

However, as parents you’re always on the lookout for the next stage of growth and we’ve been waiting patiently to hear our little mans laugh for a while now.  Our patience finally paid off the other night when Flynn gave us a little chuckle and we even managed to get it on film!

Word of warning, I’m sort of laughing like a mad man in this clip.  I was trying to get Flynn to imitate me…I haven’t actually gone off the deep end just yet.

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