Surprise Visitor

We had the distinct pleasure of having “Uncle” Robert come and visit/stay with us during his brief stay in the UK this month.  It was fantastic to get a chance to catch up and to introduce my best friend to my son.  It’s a shame there’s an Earth between us and his Australian based family, but we’re content with the semi-monthly Skype calls and the visits in person when they happen for now.

And yes, I realize the photo of the 3 of us looks a bit like a gay couple’s adoption photo…

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Happy Easter!

It’s Flynn’s first Easter so we wanted to have a nice little Easter egg hunt for him out in our back yard.  We picked up some decorations from the local shops and a fair few bits of chocolate for the little man so that we could put on a lovely day for him and get a few cute images.  

I’m not certain he was that bothered by the whole event, but I think you’ll agree we managed to get a few adorable photos from the day.

It’s really too bad he’s still too young to eat any of this chocolate…

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Cherry Blossom Boy

The first proper spring weekend arrived in London this week and we were treated with warm, sunny days that we simply had to take advantage of.  We took Flynn to a nearby park to get him out in the fresh air and to take a few photos while some of the trees were in bloom.  We also managed yet another milestone photo; 5 months already!

I think you’ll agree that it was worth the trip.

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Gnash To Meet You

We’ve added another milestone to Flynn’s milestones post but I wanted to briefly talk about Flynn’s first tooth.  It turns out that sometimes when the first tooth comes in, it brings along a friend for the ride.  For Flynn, that meant saying a simultaneous hello to his two bottom teeth as they’ve finally broken through this week.  We’ve marked the official “first tooth” day as April 1st, which is tricky to see on his milestone card due to Flynn covering up the date.

It’s hard to specify a day as the teething process is not something that starts and finishes in a day (would that it did though!).  He’s been struggling a bit with the pain in his gums for over a week now and we’ve been giving him various teething powders, gels, rings, and pain killers all with varying results.  We could feel the bumps in his gums for a while, but this was the first day we could see the pearly whites poking through.  It took a while, but we managed to get a half decent photo of them so you can see what the little man has been going through. 

In addition to that, I caught a very sweet moment between Flynn and his mummy while he was working on sitting up.  It’s not something  he can do on his own just yet, but we’re working on it and with practice he’ll be able to pull this off all on his own soon.

I have mixed feelings about his impending mobility…

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