Sittin’ and a-rollin’

Flynn continues to make progress with his rolling and now uses his ability to flip-flop as a rudimentary mode of travel.  It’s cute at the moment, but I can easily see how this will progress to rolling off the bed when our backs are turned for five seconds.  We must remain ever vigilant!

Here’s a quick video of him practicing on the safe, soft floor mats we’ve set up for just this purpose.

We still have almost daily “sitting practice” which involves us propping Flynn up in a seated position and then playing catch-the-falling-baby as gravity slowly wins out and pulls him down in a random direction.

So he’s working on sitting up unaided, but he’s mastered supported sitting and will now (generally) sit quietly for 20-30 minutes to watch his show while mom and dad have a breather.  We try to do this only once per day to keep his screen time down, but we’ve been known to let him watch a second episode on particularly stressful days.

And when he’s sitting so nicely, how can you resist??

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For the past week or two Flynn’s vocalizations have begun to sound more like word components than just general noise (the squeaks and grunts haven’t disappeared, though they have become more adorable).  Late Saturday night he discovered that magical “da” sound, and we managed to get a short video of him practicing.

We’ve decided that this counts towards his next milestone card, which is understandably questionable.  However, the card just says “Today I said da-da for the first time” and not “Today I said da-da for the first time and understood the concept and application of these sounds contextually”.  So it’s technically true…and as the “da-da”, I’m going to allow it.

Also, if you want a better shot of Flynn’s dashing storm-trooper outfit, I’ve got you covered.

Storm Pooper

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How We Roll

Ever since Flynn was first able to hold himself up during tummy time we’ve been waiting for him to perform his next feat of strength: rolling over!  Fairly early on he was able to roll from his tummy onto his back, but this was largely gravity at work pulling at his head as he lolled it from side do side so I never felt like it counted.

For the past 2 weeks he’s been getting very close to rolling from back to front, but he’s always had an issue with the arm on the rolling side acting like a kickstand of sorts preventing him from flipping completely over.  I have countless videos of him flopping about never quite making the transition, but it all paid off last night!

We were nearing the end of our nightly roll over session when our little man finally pulled it off!  We did the accompanying milestone card, but crucially there’s also a video of his big moment.

You might want to turn your volume down…I get a bit excited at the end!

Next up: freestyle sitting!

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Introducing solid food to Flynn

Flynn has been showing interest in whatever we have been eating for some time now. He would make adorable little “ooh” sounds as he watches us eat and over the past few days he’s been trying to grab my fork, plate or even my biscuit!

Initially I was going to wait for his 6 month mark to make a formal introduction to solid foods. But today, after he watched intently while I was having my lunch and aggressively grabbed a handful off from my plate, I sat him down and went: that’s it then, young man! Today is the day, let’s embark on this wonderful journey to the real world together!

Like any other important milestones, I have a perfect scenario rehearsals in my head every now and then. In my mind it should go like this: he would sit there happily with a great expectation– but not too great, otherwise he’d become unmanageable. I then would carefully and calmly prepare his first bowl of baby rice to a perfect ratio and consistency. He sees the food coming, eyes glistening, mouth wide open and I gently slide the spoon in while using the other hand to hold a camera, having this exciting moment recorded. Hooray! Baby Flynn likes the rice cereal! He smiles at me and leaves no mess around his mouth, chin, chest or his little tray. I pat him on his head, and proudly announce: what a golden boy we have here!!

As always, the reality was far from perfection. Flynn indeed sat there while I was preparing the rice: 1 spoon of rice to 10 spoons of milk. When I got to the fourth or fifth spoonful, “waaah…waaa” his patience had ran out, back arched hands in the air feet kicking… I had to wrap up quickly, lost count of how many more spoonful should be added, stirred the mixture frantically and comforted myself:” it doesn’t matter even it’s not to textbook ratio, it’d only be two spoonfuls he’s taking for the first time anyway…” I brought the bowl to his table, mind you, we got this superb “baby-led” feeding bowl which has a strong suction cup at the bottom that is supposed to stick the bowl to his feeding tray like glue. But no. Flynn instantly grabbed and lifted a corner of the bowl, tried to move it to his mouth as if he were having a bowl of miso soup and drink it. No, young Flynn! I’m not going to have you ruin my first solid food feeding experience to my baby boy! I begged him to let me feed him, one hand still holding the camera, one hand had no other choice but to push his head back… In the end I managed to take the bowl from his hands and put down on the floor, calmed him and scooped a spoonful rice cereal out. In order to not give him a chance to mess about, I shoved into his mouth like lightning… he seemed like it, Great! let’s have another go then. Only there was a slight problem– he bit down the spoon and wouldn’t let it go… He took charge of that spoon, using both of his hands: left right right front, like he was changing gears in his mouth, totally used it as a teething toy. Finally he was fed up with it and dropped it. I quickly got another spoonful of the cereal, hoping he could just have it and let me pack it up, call it a day. But no not this time. Flynn was like a little hungry wolf, helped himself with the spoon, guiding my hands with it till it went into his mouth– only to use as a teething device again! Food dribbling down from his mouth, on his chin, hands, everywhere… The finale was a even louder “waaaaaah” and some real tears when I took the spoon away to stop him from shoving it further in his mouth…

So there you go, a real life “first solid food experience” for Flynn the supposed golden boy. I doubt if he had a chance to really taste what this new variety of food was like. I guess only time and practice, perhaps with a little tactic will tell.
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The littlest commuter

I have heard that some of Kevin’s colleagues would love to meet our little Flynn. Conveniently, his office is just across the street from the glittering Hatton Garden where I often source for my business. I decided to take Flynn with me but leave him with his daddy for a couple of hours while I went to do some buying — a perfect “two birds, one stone”.

After our successful test run to Wimbledon a few weeks ago, I felt more confident taking Flynn into buzzing central London. It’s a 40 minute train journey from here. The plan was to let Flynn having his nap on board but after 5 mins on the train, he woke up and wouldn’t go back to sleep. Oh I must say that how I love to travel in off-peak time! There was hardly anyone around us, so I wouldn’t get too embarrassed if Flynn decided to practice his newly found, powerful shouts on me. Anyway he was surprisingly cheerful and well-behaved. I picked him up and sat him on my laps at first. But soon he started to wiggle and look around,very alert and tried to take everything in.  After a while I introduced a ”Let’s read some newspapers” game to him. He might just grow up to be a swanky newsreader one day, who knows? Here’s a video to mark my word 😉

Anyway, we had a very pleasant journey together. As we got closer to the destination and more passengers were joining in, I could catch quite a few admiring eyes fixed on our little man. I mean, a cute AND quiet baby, what’s not to love?!

Needless to say, Flynn charmed everyone he met in daddy’s office. According to Kevin, Flynn was so sweet and adorable, making him the proudest dad ever!

As for me, it was a relaxing and rewarding buying trip. I think we should do this more often 😉

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Starting to Sit

As part of the inexorable march of time, our little Flynn seems insistent on growing up.  We’re still working on a lot of his fine motor skills, but he’s getting closer and closer to the day he’ll be able to sit up on his own.  To that end, we’ve made the switch from his pram cot to a big-boy pram seat.  Our first outing with the seat was also the first time he didn’t fall asleep almost immediately.  Or at all in fact.  He was awake for the full hour long walk and was taking everything in with a feverish determination.

We’ve also picked up a little seat at the recommendation of one of my co-workers (thanks Tina!).  It allows him a modicum of freedom in that it supports him enough to be able to sit on his own and play with the toys directly in front of him.

As you can see, he definitely has a favourite toy.

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