Canada – Medicine Hat

After being absent from my home town for 7 years, we finally made the trip back to Medicine Hat.  Not much has changed in the intervening years, but it was nice to be home and even nicer to be close to my family again.

Flynn was overwhelmed with love from Grandma as well as his Aunt Holly and Uncle Ian.  We had a lovely picnic out at Echo Dale park, a fantastic day at Elkwater and we found ourselves in most of the cities parks throughout our 9 day stay.

It was also nice to meet quite a few of Grandma’s friends who were responsible for the bags overflowing with gifts when Grandma came to visit us over Christmas.

Thanks to everyone for making such a memorable first trip to Canada for Flynn.  He was overjoyed to meet his family and we just can’t wait until we’re back again.

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Canada – Banff & Calgary

The drive from Edmonton to Banff is roughly a 4 hour journey on a good day.  With traffic and frequent stops to placate a very unhappy Flynn, the trip too us roughly 6 hours.  Still not too bad, but it did cut into our already limited time in the Rockies.

We headed directly to our hotel to get checked in and settled and to allow Flynn to get a proper rest.  We also needed to wait out the rain storm that was sweeping through the valley so we relaxed with our fireplace and went to check out the lovely rooftop pools.

Day 2 had us driving out to the stunning Moraine Lake for a bit of sight-seeing and photography.  Flynn was largely unimpressed with the majestic scenery and even less so with his baby carrier as we hauled him around the mountainside.  It was worth it though as it’s one of the most picturesque locations we’ve ever been to.

We were back at the hotel for lunch and then tried to make our way to Johnston’s Canyon for a short afternoon hike, but the previous nights rainstorms had felled too many trees and the park was closed for safety concerns.  So instead we spent the afternoon wandering the town checking out a few of the shops and exploring the residential areas, not to mention stocking up on candy from one of the main street candy shops.

The following day we packed up, checked out and made the short journey to Calgary.  After dropping our rental van off, Grandma picked us up and took us to Auntie Sue’s place for a bit of a family gathering.  Big thank you to cousin Jess for getting everyone organised to come visit us as we flew through the city for just one night.  Sorry we weren’t able to stay longer!

After a long night of catching up with family, we were up early the next day to make the trip to Medicine Hat to spend the rest of our time with Grandma, Aunt Holly & Uncle Ian!

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Canada – Arrival & Edmonton

After 5 long years we finally returned to Canada for a whirlwind “show off the baby & visit family” trip.  Our flight left London’s posh Terminal 5 at Heathrow (where Flynn received is first goose-egg head bump courtesy of a very hard changing table) and landed 8ish hours later in Calgary’s also posh, new international terminal.  Flynn did very well on the flight with no major crying during take-off or landing, through he didn’t sleep much and was rather bored/agitated while in transit.  We did our best to keep him entertained and tried to let him sleep while holding him as much as possible.

We spent our first night in Canada at an airport hotel after spending roughly an hour trying to get our rental car.  No real problems, just a long queue.  They had run out of the full sized sedans so upgraded us to a grand caravan and I have to say, I’m a convert.  If I could actually drive such a large vehicle on London roads I’d be out shopping for one now.

Grandma was nice enough to meet us at the airport and hang out for the evening.  In her words “we couldn’t keep her away”, but it was nice to have a friendly face when we came through the arrival doors.  We spent a bit of time chatting before heading to bed to let Flynn catch up on some overdue rest and then met up for breakfast the following morning.  Then it was off to Edmonton!

We spent 2 lovely days with Lee-Ann & Randy, Evan, Colin and their respective others and even Ian & Holly made the 6 hour drive up to visit with us.  It was nice to catch up with everyone and to meet Colin’s fiancee Meagan and Evan’s long time missus Kelsey.  We managed an hour or two in the West Ed where Flynn enjoyed watching the sea lions.  The timing of our trip also worked out so that we were present for the burying of Dad’s ashes; it was nice to be present for that and it affected me a bit more than I’d anticipated.  Still, it’s good to know where he is so I can visit when we return again.

After saying our good-bye’s, we hit the road.  Next stop (and post), Banff!

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