Flynn’s Playpen

We had picked up the colourful, interlocking foam mats for Flynn last month when he started to become a bit more mobile, but now that he’s a proper little man on the go we’ve needed something to contain him.  Our home isn’t fully baby-proof yet, so this is our stopgap until he starts to walk about on his own and we’ll really need to lock everything down.

So far he loves it, but he does require company in there with him or he gets lonely (and shouty).

Here’s another quick video on his crawling progress.  Still not up on his knees, but we can go from sitting to dragging and back again now without too much trouble.

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Feeding Time

Flynn has been on solid foods for quite some time now, but this month we’ve finally graduated him from his tiny floor chair up to a proper, big-boy high-chair (thanks mom!).  He took right to it, and it’s been infinitely easier for Danni and I (mostly Danni) to give him his meals in this new seat.

That doesn’t always mean he eats what we give him, but he’s pretty keen to try out most things and the faces he makes are always comical.

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The Imitation Game

I’ve been trying to get Flynn to to imitate me by playing a game of clapping hands or high-fives, but he seemed largely happy to continue just biting whatever gets within his grasp.

That changed last night when mummy was shaking a crinkly book to make Flynn laugh.  He decided that he could simply do that himself so took the book and gave it his best try.

I know I’m biased, but he seems to find ways to out-cute himself on a daily basis.

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Canada Day in the UK

Flynn’s first Canada Day was a fairly quiet one, but we did manage to dress him up in outfits provided by Grandma and his Aunt Holly & Uncle Ian for a quick photo shoot.

Most of the decorations were provided by Grandma over the years so it was easy to make our garden look suitably Canadian-themed.

No BBQ, poutine or beer so it didn’t feel much like Canada Day in the end.  Maybe next year!

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