Lavender Fields

With Danni’s mom visiting us (well, visiting Flynn) for a couple of months we’re finding plenty of excuses to go out and do a bit of sight seeing.  Last weekend we hopped in the car and took a short drive to our nearby lavender farm for a few family photos.

It was a lovely day out and the farm is well equipped to handle the volume of tourists they see during peak season (not seen in our photos due to some heavy photo-editing).  We wandered through the fields for an hour or so, took a bunch of photos, Danni discovered what stinging nettles were, and then had a nice lunch at the edge of the flower fields.

While the farm isn’t quite on the scale of the lavender fields we visited in the Cotswolds, it’s a literal 15 minute drive from our house so that’s hard to argue with.  And I think the photos prove that it’s well worth a trip out there.