Couch Time Crawling

One of the last things Flynn and I do before we start his bath/bedtime rituals is to sit on the couch, watch a few minutes of one of his shows and I feed him the fruit & yogurt lovingly prepared by Mom.  We keep his show on during yogurt time as it keeps him focused.  If there’s nothing to distract him, he turns into the wriggling, crawling monster with no interest in yogurt whatsoever as seen below.

My camera happened to be on the couch with us and I took a few photos of Flynn clambering over my legs before trying to shoot a quick video.  Something about the way I hold the camera while shooting video must have piqued his interest in the lens, as it quickly became his sole focus in life.

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A Boy And His Toothpaste

Flynn and I have a weekend ritual that involves us walking the morning high street running errands, having a nap (Flynn only) and giving Danni a much needed break.  This past weekend we stopped by our local chemist and picked up a few things, including a couple of tubes of toothpaste.  I let Flynn hold a box in order to keep him occupied while I had some photos printed, and he seemed content to help out and happy to have a new toy.

Twenty minutes later, in one of our local grocery stores and he’s still holding fast to his new best friend “Tubie”.  For reference, usually he’s happy to hold onto new things but only until he discovers what really makes him happy is to throw new things.  On average, this typically takes about 3 minutes.  I didn’t want to take his new found friend away but I also didn’t want the grocery store security to think they had a pint-sized shoplifter on hand, so I made sure to come into the store in full view of their security cameras and then avoided the toothpaste aisle once we were inside.

After finishing up our shopping and another fifteen minutes or so of wandering the high street and clutching his box, Flynn finally succumbed to nap-time.  You’d think at this point he would relinquish his grip wouldn’t you?

Not our boy.

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Soft Play

One of the big things to do with toddlers and wee folk here in the UK is to take them to what’s called “soft play”.  For my North American friends, think of a McDonald’s Play Place but with far more padding and slightly less corporate trickery.

We took Flynn to one of the several nearby soft plays called The Good Ship Lollypop which was in an upstairs room in a sporting centre.  As it was a Monday morning it was fairly quiet with less than a half dozen other kids running about.  Danni and I sat down with our complimentary (with admission) tea and coffee while we got Flynn ready for the ball pit.

Like most things in Flynn’s life, the ball pit entertained him for a few minutes and then it was time to move on.  We crawled about for a while on the mats, slid on the slides, practiced our newly found ability to stand and generally just watched the bigger kids running about.  We also spent a fair bit of time just sitting in a video game seat pretending to drive which was good fun!

There’s also a video of our little man driving his video game car like a champ.  He’s going to be quite the Mario Kart competitor when he gets older!

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Park Time Fun

Flynn is finally getting big enough to the point where he can start enjoying the park and playground a bit more.  We’ve had him in the swings before, but this was the first time (for me anyway) that he was able to hold on by himself and actually swing.

Also, check out those new shoes!  It’s just starting to get cooler here in London so we’ve had to pick up some shoes to keep those chubby little feet warm.

We also managed to get a turn on the slide today.  The normally busy park was fairly empty today, the usual throngs of families chased away by the overcast, chilly weather I assume.

Won’t be long before he’s running amok on the playground all by himself!

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Lunch date by St Paul’s

Popo took Flynn to one of her favourite venues in London for lunch, and this little guy charmed his way through, secured a great table with a stunning view for all of us! 

Although Flynn didn’t get to have a single bite of what we had, he did have fun/ was busy conducting with the two mini ketchup & mayonnaise jars in hands 😉 

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Bear Bottom

Flynn got a new outfit yesterday so I just wanted to share a few fashion photos of the little man modeling it.  There’s also a shot of his progress towards standing up on his own too.


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