Autumn Is Here

We’ve just experienced the clocks rolling back and our days are getting markedly colder; not to mention the piles of leaves that appear in our back garden on a daily basis.  As it was Flynn’s first experience with Fall I wanted to do a few nice photos if we could.

We picked up a couple of pumpkins so that I could create a sincere pumpkin patch in our back yard to set the scene.  Some additional lighting set the mood and we were ready to go.  Flynn took a bit of convincing to sit amongst the leaves but he got into it eventually and with mum’s help we got a few nice images.

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Sand Pit Play Time

Danni was kind enough to take Flynn and I to a nearby park for breakfast at their lovely café followed by some extensive playtime in their sand pit and other playground equipment.

Flynn was very well behaved during breakfast and put on a fair show drumming with a pair of wooden spoons when he wasn’t eating his biscuits.  Post-breakfast we made our way to the playground where Flynn enjoyed some time playing and crawling around in the sand pit, then did some swinging and dad-assisted sliding as well.  

All in all, a perfect autumnal day!

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Chatty Man

Flynn has been saying “ma ma” and “da da” for a few weeks now, largely with their intended meanings.  We’re not far from him learning his first few proper works and getting the context down as well.

In the lead-up to that day, he’s become something of an incomprehensible chatter-box making all sorts of adorable babbling sounds.  We’ve taken many, many videos of this and it’s just too cute not to share so here are a couple.  The first even shows off a bit of his progress when it comes to “cruising” in addition to his attempts to converse with mummy.

And here he is just having a chat with dad.

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Monkey Boy

Like most kids, we’ve given Flynn a lot of nicknames that reflect how we see his developing personality or relate to some physical characteristics he’s displaying.  One of those nicknames is “Monkey Boy”, in part because he was born in the Year of the Monkey but also because he seems hell-bent on crawling up, on or over everything we have in the house.

It turns out, the little man also enjoys bananas which is just reinforcing the use of this particular nickname.

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Flynnmate #071116

We have a lot of clothes stored up in the loft that are neatly organised into various age ranges that we pull out as he approaches them.  Danni brought down some pajamas this week that are meant to be for 12 months and our chubby little man is already stretching them out.

He also looks conspicuously like he’s meant to be working on a chain gang somewhere in the mid-west circa 1920.

Promise not to tell the warden you’ve seen him here, OK?

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Boxes Are Funny!

We have a great little play area set up for Flynn full of his toys, covered in a soft, colourful flooring and surrounded by plastic gating.  We’ve largely spared no expense in keeping our little man comfortable and entertained, but we never know exactly what he wants to play with at any given time.

It’s a lot of pushing things at him to see what interests him, and hoping you find something before he gets bored and wants to be carried around instead.  Last night, the object of his affection turned out to be an empty tissue box.

I promise the Kleenex name dropping and seemingly staged shots are purely coincidental, but I’m happy to discuss terms of use with anyone in their marketing department.  We’ve gotta pay for more toys that will be ignored for the boxes they come in 😉

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