Flynn’s First Birthday Party

Prior to Flynn’s big day on Nov. 7th we held a birthday party for him and a bunch of his little friends at a local soft play venue.  The whole event was organised by Danni and it was a smashing success across the board.

Our first hour was spent in their fantastic soft play area where the kids played on the bouncy castle and climbed over the various padded obstacles provided. Flynn was a deft hand at the push cars with some assistance from Grandma, and he also enjoyed the freedom of being able to crawl wherever he wanted.  A far cry from his usual confined play area at home.

After the soft play ended, we were whisked away to a dance studio that had been transformed into a lunch room for the kids replete with festive birthday decor.  There was plenty of finger food for the little ones as well as cake & drinks for all.  The afternoon then wound quickly down with most of the kids deciding to do laps around the dining area, making excellent use of the space provided.

We had intended on opening the gifts Flynn received at the venue, but time was too short so we packed up and headed home to do that in a more intimate setting.  I’m not sure how many more years we’ll be able to put off the present opening, so we’re getting that in while we can.

Thanks again to everyone who came out for Flynn’s big day.  It means a lot to us and we’re glad that everyone enjoyed themselves!