Second Christmas

It’s hard to believe that a full year has come and gone since we had GongGong and Grandma in the house with is visiting baby Flynn for his first Christmas.  While he’s still not old enough to get excited about Santa and all of his presents, he was quite keen on opening his own gifts this year.  Even if all he really wanted was the boxes they came in.

It was my intention to get photos of Flynn with each of his new gifts in order to send proper thank-yous to his gracious benefactors, but much like his reindeer outfit photo shoot this quickly turned into a “herding cats” situation and we gave up after a few attempts.

Suffice to say, Flynn has plenty of new toys to carry him into this second year of his life as well as several new outfits and accessories.

We also had a lovely Christmas dinner for three with enough food for nine.  Which was great, as it meant a few days of left overs and not having to worry about preparing meals.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas holiday!

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Santa’s Newest Reindeer

While this is only Flynn’s second Christmas, it has become something of a tradition to get a nice photo of the little man by the Christmas tree.  This year we also happened to have an adorable reindeer onesie that essentially transformed Flynn into an snuggable,  crawling, real-life teddy-bear.

He’s of the age were he’s highly mobile but not old enough to understand (or at least obey) instructions.  As you can imagine, trying to take a staged photo under those conditions is difficult at best and we ended up with a lot of blurry, laughing baby photos in the quest to get something decent.

A lot of images ended up on the cutting room floor, but we managed to get a few cute, in focus shots of our littlest reindeer in the end.  Enjoy!

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New Crib

After a year of co-sleeping, we’re finally ready to start getting Flynn to sleep in his own bed.  Both for his own safety as well as our sanity.  Popo was sweet and thoughtful enough to purchase Flynn’s first bed so we ordered it online and it arrived within a week.

It was incredibly easy to put together, and had a the best instruction set I’ve ever seen.  There were something like 10 steps to putting it all together, and each step was sealed in a numbered bag complete with instructions for that step as well as all the pieces you’d need.  Probably not as environmental as having 1 page of instructions and a single bag of hardware bits, but man does it make the process easier and smoother.

At any rate, the crib went up and Flynn was immediately curious about the new bedroom feature.  He was quite happy to jump right in and check it out.

Sleeping in it is a different story altogether…

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Christmas Stockings

The inspiration for this project started last Christmas when Flynn had an array of tiny, cute, Christmas outfits and I fell in love with his “gingerbread boy” onesie.   As a parent, it’s difficult not to save every little piece of your son’s childhood and I’d already decided on the outfit that I would save so saving yet another would start me down that hoarding path.

In order to keep my little gingerbread boy around for years to come, I knew I’d have to do something functional with the outfit.  When I was little a favourite Aunt made my family Christmas stockings and whenever I see it I’m instantly transported back to my childhood; waking up on Christmas morning with it sitting stuffed full of toys at the foot of my bed.

I wanted to recreate those same feelings for my family.

My initial idea was to create a stocking for Flynn entirely out of his outfit, but it was quite small and Danni was still using a store bought stocking so my plans quickly evolved.   The only problem now what that I had no idea how to sew.  Fortunately, Grandma was coming to visit Flynn for his first birthday and I knew I could tap into her wealth of sewing knowledge to help me along.

It took quite a few late nights and a fair bit of trial and error, but the end results looked so much better than I was anticipating (in my head, these would probably not look out of place on Frankenstein’s Monster’s feet).  The only problem was that once I was finished, it was unanimously decided that I needed a matching stocking as well so I had to repeat the process a third time.

I think it was well worth it, even if it means my old stocking is now retired to the Christmas box in the loft. 

If you’d like to see what a 40+ year old man learning to sew looks like, have I got a video for you!

In my defense, this was the tricky, curved seam connecting the heel to the sock.

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