We Brush Our Teeth

Ever since his first teeth popped through we’ve been including a nightly brushing in our routine.  Initially it was hit or miss when it came to whether or not Flynn would allow me to brush his teeth, but since we started using some nicely flavoured baby-toothpaste he’s been far more amenable to the idea.

Largely because he gets to chew the flavour out of the toothbrush once I’ve finished brushing his teeth.

It’s a nice bit of bonding, and Flynn has now learned to imitate the actions of brushing so there’s some added adorableness to the whole process now too.  Plus, you know, dental hygiene.

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Walking Practice

In the house, Flynn largely insists on crawling everywhere.  He knows the lay of the land and how best to get from A to B on all fours.  So when you try to hold him up to get him to take a few steps, he normally just gives you a bit of a funny look before letting his knees go wobbly and plonking himself down on the floor.

Fortunately, mum has discovered that if you take him out to the park he’ll happily toddle around chasing down dogs, pigeons, squirrels and the occasional feral child who happens to be trying to share the playground equipment.

He’s still fairly unstable and relies heavily on holding on, but his confidence is shooting up so we’re counting down to the bittersweet day he lets go and runs free.

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Light Switch Addict

As part of his never-ending exploration of the world, Flynn has discovered light switches and loves clicking them off and on.  I’m not sure if he likes the mechanical action of the switch itself, or if he enjoys the causal effect it has on the lights, but I do know that he can’t reach the lights on his own and he’s getting too heavy to hold up to the switches for as long as he’d like.

So I thought I’d bring the light switches to him!

My initial thought was just to buy him a panel of switches that he could play with in his play pen, but I was worried he would get bored quickly without the added feedback of some some toggling lights.  I knew I had a bunch of LED’s and wiring in the loft from my old light painting days and figured I could wire something up that would give him that additional feedback I wanted him to have.  I quickly found a tutorial online that would result in something more or less what I had in mind and popped out to the shops to pick up the few remaining bits I needed.  This was mostly just the box to put everything in, the hardware to keep the lid closed, plus a pack to hold the batteries.  All in it cost about £20 for everything, but it would be a bit more if you had to pick up all of the LED’s and wires.

So far it seems to be a success.  Each switch is wired up to an individual red, green, blue or yellow LED and the whole thing passes through a master switch at the side.  He’s been pretty happy to click them off and on for a few minutes at a time on a couple of occasions now, so I consider that a win.

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Kissing Boy

It all started about little over a month ago when Flynn started to give grandma kisses during FaceTime sessions.  For a while, he would only give grandma kisses and eventually he would kiss mum or dad but only when given explicit permission from grandma.  After a week or so he started to relent and would give us kisses without waiting for an OK from his grandma, and now he’s a relentless kissing machine.  It’s as adorable as it sounds.

It’s gotten to the point where it seems he’s getting bored with just kissing people so he’s expanding into kissing books, toys, and even his own shadow.

What’s not to love?

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Good Dog

Flynn is at the age where he’s really starting to vocalize his wants and needs, but apart from constantly saying mum most of his “vocabulary” is limited to squeaks and shouts.  One word he’s been really trying hard to say lately is dog, and we often spend time on Google images looking at photos of dogs to practice saying the word.

In addition to that, when Flynn sees dogs in his nightly story books he jumps at the chance to test out his word, as he did last night while reading “I Took the Moon for a Walk“.  

It’s also possible that he’s just used his first adjective and said more than a single word at once if you believe he repeated “good dog” after I said it.  I think he did…

He’s clearly a big fan of dogs, we may have to get him one one day*.


* if Flynn is reading this when he’s older, this does not constitute an agreement to get you a dog!

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Visual Comedy

Flynn has been lighting up rooms with his laugh for quite some time now, but this weekend we were treated to what I feel is the first time he laughed because of something he thought was funny and not just because he was really happy or being tickled.

Prior to bath time, Danni had applied a face mask (not make-up, my bad) and upon seeing his mummy with a ghost-white face he couldn’t contain himself.

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The Joy of Mobility

While we’re still waiting on Flynn to take his first steps, he continues to find endless joy in crawling and cruising about the house discovering the world beyond his play pen.

This first video was taking last November and I’ve realized that it hasn’t been shared it yet and that would truly be a crime.

He’s gotten a lot more stable in recent months, but he still breaks out in infectious smiles every time he starts moving and gets the wind on his face.  He also has a new game where he zips into another room and closes the door behind him.  It’s sort of a fun peek-a-boo style game, but it has necessitated adding baby-proof door stops to all of our doors.

One day very soon we’ll be posting similar videos of him walking…

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