Business Calls

Our little man has become a sponge and will imitate anything and everything as seen in the previous post’s videos.  One thing he has been doing for quite some time now is to pretend to talk on the phone with anything that’s vaguely phone shaped, just like his mummy.

It has taken on a new level of comedy now that he can walk.  He stomps about the house with with some seemingly important sense of purpose, chatting away on his “phone”.  

I like to think that he’s making important business decisions and chasing up his international manufacturing plant who are behind on this months shipments.  Serious stuff!

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A Walk In The Park

The clouds finally parted after a month of solid rainy weekends and we were able to take our little walkin’ man to the large, nearby playground to stretch his legs.  He’s a huge fan of watching other kids play, and now that he can move himself about under his own power he loves nothing more than to rush towards them shrieking with delight.

So far the favourite activity seems to be the slide.  He can get right up close to the action without getting in any of the bigger kids way, so we’re all for it too.

Also a big hit is watching the squirrels and birds in the nearby park.  We’ve even got a permanent stash of peanuts in the pram to entice the critters so he can watch them up close.

I took the big camera along so we’ve finally got some photos to add after weeks and weeks of video.  Sorry about that, video is just better at capturing our perpetual motion man these days.

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Too Much Time With Mummy?

We’re a very lucky family where one of the parents is self employed and is able to sacrifice some (most) of their time to raising Flynn instead of working.  It means we don’t have to send our son to a child minder and have to worry about all of the associated costs and hassles that this sort of care comes with.  Plus we know he’s then getting all of the love and attention that he needs.

It does also comes with the added “benefit” of Flynn imprinting on and impersonating one of us a bit more than the other.  Sometimes this can be a good thing:

Sometimes it’s a benign but funny thing:

But sometimes I feel like it’s something that needs addressing before things get out of hand 🙂

I mean, it’s pretty clear to me that that’s definitely not his colour!

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It Begins!

After months of waiting patiently and trying to trick Flynn into walking, he has finally started taking those first, tentative steps.  It started slowly when he took a few steps between his mum and I, and progressed through the weekend to him moving about his play pen with relative ease (though always with a bit of prompting).

As expected, he’s still rather unsteady across the ground but we haven’t had any major tumbles yet.  Largely because either mum or dad are always within grabbing distance to catch him before he falls.  However he’s made some outstanding progress in just a few short days of walking and we’re both incredibly proud of our little man.  The previous video was from Saturday night when he started, and the next two are just a day later with a fair bit of practice in between.

We could probably fill this post with 30 videos of him walking, but I’ll force myself to stop at 3 which means just one more.

Well done buddy.  Such a huge milestone!

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