The Wheels On The Bus Go On Demand

Flynn has learned how to ask to hear his favourite song “Wheels on the bus” by performing the hand waving action that accompanies the titular chorus meant to mimic wheels rotating.  He does this frequently throughout the day when he wants a bit of background music for whatever activity he’s currently up to.

He also uses the motion to prompt you to continue singing if you think you’re done, as seen in this video.  It’s adorable and bossy all at once, but I can never resist.

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Mother’s Day, 2018

For Mother’s day this year, we headed out as a family to Godstone Farm, which is a somewhat local (~35 minute drive) public farm with a strong petting zoo vibe.  Our little man was a big fan of all animals that were smaller than him (ducks, bunnies, Guinea pigs, etc.) but less so of the large, loud animals like the goats, sheep and pigs.  I suppose when you’re Flynn’s size, creatures you’ve never seen before that are exponentially larger than you are must be pretty terrifying.

Still, I think he had a good time and it was nice to get out of the house and stretch our legs.  Something that Flynn is becoming increasingly good at!

Hopefully mummy enjoyed her day out and was able to relax a bit.

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The Best Things In Life Are Messy

To say that Flynn has a lot of toys would be a bit of an understatement.  We try very hard not to spoil him, but between the things we buy for him, the gifts he receives from family, and the hand-me-downs we get from friends and neighbours Flynn’s toy-box is positively overflowing.  So much so, that we have toys on rotation as we simply don’t have room to keep everything out (not to mention the sensory overload that would induce).

It doesn’t really matter how many purpose-built toys he has though, nothing will bring the same amount of raw joy he gets as when he’s allowed to make an absolute mess.

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The Nurse Will See You Now

‘Tis the season for colds and general illness, and when Danni and I are sick we tend to wear surgical masks around the house to reduce the chance of passing it on to Flynn.

Like eye glasses, Flynn likes to pull the mask off your face.  This sort of defeats the purpose so we try to give him his own when he’s take an especially focused interest in it.  Sometimes we even help him put it on…

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