Little Man, Big Park

The weather has finally been a bit nicer out so we’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors.  Flynn loves the extra space to run around, and he’s quite happy at least seeing other kids play though he’s a bit too shy to approach them most days.

These pictures are from a couple of different parks in our neighbourhood.  The first is only about 5 minutes down the road and the other one is about 15 minutes beyond that.  They’re both great, and Flynn is always loathe to leave when we pile him back into his pram.

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Garden Centre Shopping

We made the annual pilgrimage to our local garden centre this weekend and for the first time we didn’t bring our pram along for the outing.  Flynn was quite happy and able to sit in the trolley when he wasn’t getting a ride from dad, and we’re confident if he got bored of that he could simply walk about on his own.

He also had a chance to play in their sand pit while mummy watched over him to make sure he wasn’t completely covered in sand by the end of our visit.  We may need to make more frequent visits as he clearly enjoyed himself.

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Feeding Flynn has been a bit of a constant struggle this year.  He had stopped gaining weight around his first birthday so we were keen to get him to eat even if he didn’t feel like it.  This has involved countless hours of poor Danni following him around the house, stooped over trying to get him to eat when really all he wants to do is play.

We’ve been given a glimmer of the end of that struggle this week as Flynn is showing signs of wanting to, and being able to feed himself.  It’s a messy, slow process and he often would prefer to just play with his food over eating it, but we’re getting there.

We’re almost six months beyond his birthday now and he has started to gain weight and grow again, thanks entirely to the endless patience and effort of his mummy.  We’re a very lucky family to have her.

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Happy Easter 2018

It’s hard to believe a full year has passed since our last Easter post.  As you can see, the little man has grown considerably in that time and is starting to gain mastery over the all important skill of walking, not to mention Easter Egg gathering.

We took a whole bunch of photos as well.  As you can see, the cold weather has meant that we haven’t had a chance to plant any of our flowers but our fake lawn looks much nicer than the pseudo-mud-pit we had last season.

Flynn had a blast collecting eggs and peeling the foil off of them.  He still hasn’t had his first bite of chocolate, so all of his hard earned gains actually went to the very greatful neighbour kids.  I suspect this will be the last year we can get away with doing that…

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