London Comic Con 2018


Comic Con season is upon us again here in London and we thought it would be a fun day out for the family.  It would be Flynn’s first foray into this world, not counting the last Comic Con we attended where he was still inside his mummy.

Almost as soon as we arrived he refused to sit in his pram and would only be carried before he decided that it was just better to walk under his own power as he could then go where he wanted, when he wanted.  This was usually directly into oncoming foot traffic, but as we were there on the quieter Friday it wasn’t so bad.

He probably said wow more on this one day than the combined wow’s of his life so far.

We had a great day out and Flynn was incredibly well behaved for such a long day.  We were both really proud of him and loved seeing this world through his eyes while he got to meet all of the colourful characters that were in attendance.

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Morden Hall Park

Another glorious weekend in London (that’s 2 already this year!) and it happened to also be my birthday so we really wanted to get out of the house and travel further afield with Flynn.  Danni had been to a stunning local park the previous week with a group of mum’s called Morden Hall Park that seemed like it would be a perfect destination.

It has a charming mix of water features, old growth trees and Victorian architecture plus a small farm and playground for the kids.  Flynn loved feeding the animals, but neither Danni nor I brought any change for the feed machines so his interactions there were limited.  We’ll know better and stock up on 50p pieces before we go next time.  

We couldn’t have asked for better weather on the day.  Danni picked up some treats from the shop before we left so we all had a cute picnic on a kiddie sized picnic table with Flynn.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

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Backyard Playtime

I had the camera out and it was a nice day so I took a few photos of Flynn playing around in our back garden.  You may notice a couple of photos of him peeping through a hole in the fence.  The neighbour has a couple of kids a few years older the Flynn who are always in their back yard playing and Flynn likes to watch them having fun.  They’re very sweet and he often goes over to play with them, so this is more adorable than creepy.

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Wimbledon Park

The May long weekend this year was a record setter in the UK with temperatures hitting the mid 20’s.  Heights rarely reached even in the throes of summer.  We knew we had to take advantage of the amazing weather so we took Flynn to Wimbledon Park with the intention of letting him play in their children’s water feature and playground.

Unfortunately, the water features were off for the day so the little man spent his time in the sand pit which he thoroughly enjoyed.  There was also a pond full of ducks, geese and swans for him to play with as well.

The park was lovely and Flynn had a great time, but it really was everything I love and hate about London all rolled into one.  I love that such places exist.  The park is gorgeous and full of huge, hundred year old shade trees and fantastic amenities, a huge pond that bordered a stunning golf course.  I don’t love that it takes roughly an hour to get to there and that when you do you discover that everyone else has had the same great idea and the park is swarming with people.  Toddlers aren’t the best at sharing their toys and space, so you’re always on the lookout for your own child as well as everyone else’s which makes for a less-than-relaxing day (though arguably more fun for Flynn than an empty play ground).

At the end of the day though, none of that mattered as Flynn had a fun day out with mum & dad and that’s priority number one.

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