Grandma’s Visit

As you may have noticed in an early post, Flynn’s Grandma has been visiting us here in London for a few weeks.  It’s always lovely to have family here as we don’t get to see them often enough.  Something about living 7000km away might have something to do with that!

There was obviously a lot of photo & video taking during her visit, but here’s just a random assortment of photos from her visit.

Hopefully we’ll see her again this Christmas!

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Chessington World of Adventure

We wanted to take Flynn out to the zoo or the aquarium while Grandma was here so that they could have a big day together.  Instead, we decided to head to Chessington World of Adventure which is a theme park quite close to where we live.  It’s full of games, shows, rides and animals but the biggest attraction of all was Flynn’s current favourite thing in the world:

The Gruffalo!

It was a great day out and while Flynn did enjoy meeting the Gruffalo I think the highlight of the day was the “driving” he got to do on one of the rides.  It was an old Model-T style car on a track that drove through a little forest and through a small animal village and the whole thing was over in about 4 minutes but he loved it!  It was about the only time he was upset that day when we had to pry his little hands from the steering wheel once the ride had ended.

It was a really fun day out, and he’ll love it even more once he’s a bit older and can ride more rides and play on the really neat playground they had.

He likely won’t care as much about the poor Gruffalo though…

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Colouring with Grandma!

Grandma came all the way from Canada for her 6 month progress check-up on her favourite grandson this month.  One of the many, many gifts she brought for Flynn was a very cool set of markers and some accompanying “magic paper”.  The markers all look white and only when you draw on the included paper do they leave their colourful prints behind.  

I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched a toddler try to colour before, but asking them to draw only on the paper provided is an exercise in futility.  Truth be told, it’s hard enough to get them to only draw on the table they’re sat at.

I didn’t actually think Flynn was of the age to take to colouring as we’ve tried in the past, but he seemed to grasp the concept pretty quickly and with Grandma’s guidance he was soon swirling colours with the best of them.

Once he stops putting the markers in his mouth was can bring the crayons back out from storage.

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