Noodle Jumping

We have some lovely neighbours who have younger children themselves and they just so happen to have a trampoline in their back garden.  They are also kind enough to let young Flynn come over whenever he likes to go “jumping”!  An offer that we often take them up on as apart from driving, jumping is his current favourite thing in the world.

He has also been taught what has affectionately become known as his “noodle dance” by his mum and we managed to catch a rare combination of jumping and dancing recently and thought it would be worth sharing.

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Driving Car!

One of Flynn’s new obsessions is driving cars as I mentioned in an earlier post.  We often let him sit in our car (keys safely in Daddy’s pocket) so he can play with the steering wheel while emphatically shouting out “driving car!”.

Recently one of our local grocery stores has added these short carts with a child’s car attached to the front that are everything that Flynn could want (while still letting mum or dad dictate direction of travel).  They’re a fantastic idea and while’re they’re a bit hard to control I have to say that using one of these is much easier than trying to carry Flynn around the shop.

The stills don’t quite do it justice, so here it is in action!

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Beddington Park’s New Playground

Danni takes Flynn to the nearby Beddington park with some regularity, but they’ve recently revamped their playground to include a bunch of very cool features.  Notably there’s now a water-park which is essentially a water pump at the top of a hill that fills up a concrete river that rolls downhill through a series of sluice gates that the kids can open and close to manipulate the flow of water.  Flynn loves it!

Beyond the water park, the playground is full of new slides, climbing equipment, swings, ropes, and even some steel drum style musical instruments.  They’ve done an incredible job rebuilding it and it arrived just in time for one of the hottest, driest summers we’ve ever had.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get a few more weekends there before the inevitable rainy weather returns once again.

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