Fire Station

Our local fire station had an open house this past weekend and given Flynn’s love of all things service vehicle related I thought it would be only right to take him down for a look.

It was unfortunately a rather dreary day and it rained the whole way there and back, but that didn’t seem to dampen his spirits.  Nor anyone else’s as there were quite a lot of families that turned up to see the fire trucks.

We stood in the queue’s to “drive” the fire truck as well as to sit in the back and try on helmets but Flynn was really only keen on driving.  He couldn’t stop talking about “driving fire truck” for the rest of the weekend, so I would say the day was a hit!


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Visa Photos

In order to complete our visa applications to visit China next month we had to all include some self portraits.  Danni tried taking Flynn to our local photo studio to have his photo taken but apparently he was having none of it so we had to do it at home.

After a few minutes getting the lights set up and Danni acting as a stand-in while we got all the settings correct we were ready for the man himself.  It took a few tries as he really wanted to be closer to the camera the he should’ve been, but we got there in the end.

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Our local high street has a circus style merry-go-round that appears most weekends and Flynn has become one of its most loyal patrons.  I’m pretty sure he’s “driven” all of the vehicles on there now as his mum takes him regularly, but his face still lights up each time we buckle him in for another spin.

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Lawn Mowing Service

Flynn is always eager to lend a hand when it comes to house-hold chores.  Usually he’s the first one out the door when it’s time to take the rubbish to the bin, he’s always grabbing the broom when we try to sweep, and now he’s also started chipping in with the lawn mowing.

If you have need of an affordable, adorable lawn mower I know just the man for the job!

Worth noting that the real mower wasn’t ever plugged in during the photos/video!

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