Sutton Sports Village

We’ve been going to Sutton Sports Village for a while now, including for Flynn’s first birthday party.  But this past year they’ve done some major renovations and I have to say what they’ve built for the kids is amazing.  Danni has taking Flynn here a few times before, but it was my first chance to see the venue and I can see why they love it here so much!

The soft play area is huge and incredible.  It goes up roughly two stories with lots of ramps, ladders, slides, ropes and tunnels, all padded and safe for little ones.  I have to admit I was more than keen to lead Flynn through the structure just so I could experience it myself.  There was also a fantastic ball pit and these tiny, segregated trampolines which we also made full use of…

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The Water Table

One of Flynn’s bigger Christmas gifts this year was his water table.  Like a lot of the best Christmas gifts, this one was best suited for warmer months which would mean waiting an unbearable amount of time before he got to use it.  (Un)Fortunately, we decided that since we had a large, tiled kitchen that it would be the perfect spot to break in this new toy without waiting untold eons for the sun to warm up this damp, dreary country.  It seemed like an excellent solution until we discovered just how projectile the water  from our water table actually was.

Still, Flynn had a great time and our floor was undoubtedly cleaner as a result of the experiment.

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