Playtime Around The House

With the recent cold, drizzly weather we’ve been having here in London we’ve been spending quite a bit of time indoors playing.  As mentioned before, Flynn loves his Lego and anything to do with fire trucks so he’s more than happy to stay inside playing with his combination Lego/fire truck toys.  

I’ve also been able to finally bring my camera home after a long spate of new hires at the office, so it was nice to get a few more non-phone photos of the little man again.

He’s also very good at acting out various scenarios, as you can see here.

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See Spiderman

I had left my PlayStation on the other day and Flynn had his first introduction to Spiderman.  Ever since then he asks to “see spiderman” whenever he wanders into the game room so last night we fired it up and played some “two player” Spiderman.  He was just happy holding on to a controller while he directed Spiderman to scour New York looking for helicopters.  We didn’t fight much crime, but we did see a lot of helicopters!

Excuse the state of the house (and lack of seats), it’s all still a work in progress.

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