If you don’t have kids below a certain age (or even if you do) you likely haven’t heard of Diggerland.  To put it simply, it’s a theme park where the theme is “heavy construction equipment” where they do away with all of the usual rides and games and replace them with, well, heavy construction equipment.

To be fair, there are some rides.  These rides did begin live as construction equipment of some sort and have been adapted to make them more fun for kids (and adults!), but they are rides none-the-less.  Flynn (and I) had a blast driving the trucks and operating the various diggers throughout the day, the he was borderline too small to get on some of the rides.  Which is fine, as that gives us an excuse to go back and hone my our skills with the diggers.

We all had a blast and Flynn was still talking about driving the diggers nearly a week later.  You can tell something makes an impact if it sticks with a toddler that long!

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The Long Night

Mum had a loooong overdue night out with the girls tonight which left dad entirely in charge (for the first time ever?) of the bedtime routine.  While I’m always heavily involved in the bath and story reading process of this daily endeavor, getting Flynn to sleep has always fallen entirely within Mum’s realm.  So it was with a bit of trepidation that we said goodbye to mum shortly after our dinner and began our journey.

We played Lego for a while before bath and while I did need to bribe him with a snack (“something else” as Flynn likes to refer to snacks as) to get him into the bath, the rest of the night went swimmingly.  We had his milk and stories in bed and for the first time ever fell asleep while I was reading to him.  While this is almost entirely because he skipped his afternoon nap, I did feel some sense of victory when his little snores started to fill the room.

Below are the photos I sent to mum throughout the night in order to ensure her we were doing fine!

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