Hobbledown Farm

Danni had a jewelry event to attend to so I took the day off and Flynn and I drove out to Hobbledown Farm for the day.  It’s a typical children’s farm affair, but this one has sort of a Fairy and Goblins theme which is a nice change.  The day we went had incredible weather and it was mid-week so the place was practically empty which is always a bonus.  The one downside was that the actors playing the goblins etc. weren’t out that day so that defeated some of the purpose in going to this particular farm.  It didn’t seem to bother Flynn though, who had a great day seeing all of the different animals and playing in their soft-play area and massive sand pit.

The sand pit was even themed as a bit of a goblin mine and the kids were tasked with “digging up gems” that they could turn in for a lollipop if they got enough.  The gems were little glass beads and they were largely just strewn around on top of the sand, and given that we headed straight there when the farm opened we found more than enough to claim our sweet, plus bring a few “treasures” home.

All in all, it was a pretty nice day out.  I think he would get more out of the day if he were a bit older and able to play on more of the playground equipment, zip lines, etc., but we had fun regardless.  The fact that the farm was largely empty helped a lot though!