Photo Recreation Part Two

You may remember the photo recreation we did for one of Danni’s old photos when Flynn was just a baby.  Well, there was a photo of mine that I wanted to recreate using Flynn as well, but I needed to wait until he was a bit older to do so.

When I was roughly 2.5 years old my father brought home a computer from the college he was working at.  It isn’t unusual to have a computer in your home these days, but in late 1978 it was almost unheard of.  The day it came home I was instantly hooked, and I can vividly remember begging my dad to let me play a mining game on this technological marvel whenever I could.

While we don’t yet let Flynn play any games on the computer, I know there will come a time when he’ll make the same requests from me so I wanted to recreate one of my favourite childhood photos.

It goes without saying that the Surface Pro sitting in front of Flynn has considerably more processing power than Commodore PET that I used to play with, but the level of joy and wonder seems about the same to me…