London Aquarium

I took a few days off to spend some time with the family (and maybe to celebrate someone’s birthday!) and Danni had the fantastic idea of taking Flynn to the London Aquarium for the day.  He’s had a recent fascination with jellyfish, sharks, turtles and pretty much anything ocean dwelling so the timing was perfect.

The little man had a fantastic day after getting over being initially overwhelmed by the spectacle of it all.  I’m not sure what his favourite part of the day way, but he was a big fan of the turtles and crocodiles  (and also the sushi restaurant we went to for lunch afterwards).

The aquarium also had a really cool penguin exhibit that you partially inhabit!

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Flynn’s Third Easter

This year mum had a great idea to change it up our yearly routine a bit  So instead of doing our Easter Egg hunt at home we went to Morden Hall Park for their Cadbury’s sponsored egg hunt.

It was less of an egg hunt and more of a nature trail that ended in chocolate, but Flynn had a blast none the less.  I think the fact that his lovely day at the park ended in a big, chocolate egg was more of a nice surprise than the end goal.  I suspect he’ll be wiser next year and will have more chocolate based expectations however.

You may have noticed that when he got home there were a few more eggs along with a gift from grandma.  Spoiled is the word you’re looking for.

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Christmas Day 2018

Santa came!

And suffice to say, the little man was spoiled.  He got the dump truck from Father Christmas just like he requested, plus a whole lot of other things from mum, dad, gong gong, po po,  grandma, and his Aunts and Uncles too.  Flynn did a little better than last year in that he actually appreciated the presents more than the boxes, but he received some Duplo (a current favourite) early on and we had to coax him into opening up any more gifts after that.

This year was a bumper year netting him a new push car, a chalk/white board easel, a water table, a remote control car, several matchbox cars, a race track, the aforementioned dump truck and countless other toys.

The day all ended with a lovely dinner of smoked turkey with all the trimmings in our living room.  I don’t often use the term blessed but after a day like today it’s hard to feel anything but.

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Christmas Eve 2018

Christmas Eve is upon us again!  Flynn is starting to grasp the concept and has even asked Father Christmas for a dump truck this year, though I think that next year the real excitement for Christmas morning will set in.  I feel like he certainly enjoyed the decorations (or at least pulling baubles off the tree was fun) he didn’t really work the math out and come to the conclusion that he was about to get some new toys.

It was our first full month in our new home and the living room is now complete with a (currently non-working) fireplace so no more YouTube log burning videos.  We even have a proper place to hang the stockings that Grandma helped us make last year.

Mum spent most of the evening getting Flynn to sleep while I spent several hours with screwdrivers and allen keys putting together some of his larger gifts and waiting for Santa to arrive with Flynn’s request.

Also, you may have noticed a new link appear at the top of the page.  I’ve started uploading our yearly reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas videos which is quickly becoming one of our annual traditions.  It’s cute to see Flynn’s progression through the years and I hopefully get a little better each year with reading the story (I get a lot of story practice throughout the year…)

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Happy Birthday Little Man!

You and mum are currently in China while I’m back here in the UK getting ready for us to move home.  You would’ve been back by now but there were some delays with the house purchase and there’s no point bringing you home to a house full of boxes.  Instead, you’re having a fantastic birthday party in Anshun with all of your extended family there.  I wrapped your gift and can’t wait for your return!

I ate your cupcake…

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Visiting Xi Hou

I suppose technically we were vising my brother & sister in law as well, but I was most excited to meet my nephew Xi Hou (pronounced she hoe, and it means Lucky Monkey) for the first time.  He was born a month before Flynn and while we’d seen plenty of photos and video I had yet to get a chance to actually meet him.  

So, before we flew down to Australia we spent a few days in Beijing with Danni’s brother and his lovely family.  I brought my camera along for a walk around their apartment complex one day and I think you’ll agree that cute kids run in Danni’s family.

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Morden Hall Park

Another glorious weekend in London (that’s 2 already this year!) and it happened to also be my birthday so we really wanted to get out of the house and travel further afield with Flynn.  Danni had been to a stunning local park the previous week with a group of mum’s called Morden Hall Park that seemed like it would be a perfect destination.

It has a charming mix of water features, old growth trees and Victorian architecture plus a small farm and playground for the kids.  Flynn loved feeding the animals, but neither Danni nor I brought any change for the feed machines so his interactions there were limited.  We’ll know better and stock up on 50p pieces before we go next time.  

We couldn’t have asked for better weather on the day.  Danni picked up some treats from the shop before we left so we all had a cute picnic on a kiddie sized picnic table with Flynn.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

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Happy Easter 2018

It’s hard to believe a full year has passed since our last Easter post.  As you can see, the little man has grown considerably in that time and is starting to gain mastery over the all important skill of walking, not to mention Easter Egg gathering.

We took a whole bunch of photos as well.  As you can see, the cold weather has meant that we haven’t had a chance to plant any of our flowers but our fake lawn looks much nicer than the pseudo-mud-pit we had last season.

Flynn had a blast collecting eggs and peeling the foil off of them.  He still hasn’t had his first bite of chocolate, so all of his hard earned gains actually went to the very greatful neighbour kids.  I suspect this will be the last year we can get away with doing that…

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Mother’s Day, 2018

For Mother’s day this year, we headed out as a family to Godstone Farm, which is a somewhat local (~35 minute drive) public farm with a strong petting zoo vibe.  Our little man was a big fan of all animals that were smaller than him (ducks, bunnies, Guinea pigs, etc.) but less so of the large, loud animals like the goats, sheep and pigs.  I suppose when you’re Flynn’s size, creatures you’ve never seen before that are exponentially larger than you are must be pretty terrifying.

Still, I think he had a good time and it was nice to get out of the house and stretch our legs.  Something that Flynn is becoming increasingly good at!

Hopefully mummy enjoyed her day out and was able to relax a bit.

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It Begins!

After months of waiting patiently and trying to trick Flynn into walking, he has finally started taking those first, tentative steps.  It started slowly when he took a few steps between his mum and I, and progressed through the weekend to him moving about his play pen with relative ease (though always with a bit of prompting).

As expected, he’s still rather unsteady across the ground but we haven’t had any major tumbles yet.  Largely because either mum or dad are always within grabbing distance to catch him before he falls.  However he’s made some outstanding progress in just a few short days of walking and we’re both incredibly proud of our little man.  The previous video was from Saturday night when he started, and the next two are just a day later with a fair bit of practice in between.

We could probably fill this post with 30 videos of him walking, but I’ll force myself to stop at 3 which means just one more.

Well done buddy.  Such a huge milestone!

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