Ice Skating

Our local shopping centre has installed a small skating rink in one of their closed down shops for the festive season. Flynn and I watched a few skaters on Saturday and he continually asked if we could go for the rest of the day, so I knew what our plans were going to be on Sunday.

We booked the tickets and headed over there early on to avoid the crowds we saw in the late afternoon. We both picked up our skates along with our “dolphin-sleigh” for Flynn to ride on.  Once our allotted time began we headed out onto the ice.  I started by just holding his had as he was pretty excited about trying to stake, but I think when the slippery reality set in he simply wanted to be pushed around on the dolphin.

We had a lot of fun and as I discovered years and years ago, the UK is not big on ice skating so it’s one of the few times that my meager skills (by Canadian standards) on the ice can really shine.

And a quick video of us skating together as well.

We skated for the full hour and the first question the little man asked post skate was “why we have to stop?”, so we’re clearly going again next weekend!

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Photo Recreation Part Two

You may remember the photo recreation we did for one of Danni’s old photos when Flynn was just a baby.  Well, there was a photo of mine that I wanted to recreate using Flynn as well, but I needed to wait until he was a bit older to do so.

When I was roughly 2.5 years old my father brought home a computer from the college he was working at.  It isn’t unusual to have a computer in your home these days, but in late 1978 it was almost unheard of.  The day it came home I was instantly hooked, and I can vividly remember begging my dad to let me play a mining game on this technological marvel whenever I could.

While we don’t yet let Flynn play any games on the computer, I know there will come a time when he’ll make the same requests from me so I wanted to recreate one of my favourite childhood photos.

It goes without saying that the Surface Pro sitting in front of Flynn has considerably more processing power than Commodore PET that I used to play with, but the level of joy and wonder seems about the same to me…

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See Spiderman

I had left my PlayStation on the other day and Flynn had his first introduction to Spiderman.  Ever since then he asks to “see spiderman” whenever he wanders into the game room so last night we fired it up and played some “two player” Spiderman.  He was just happy holding on to a controller while he directed Spiderman to scour New York looking for helicopters.  We didn’t fight much crime, but we did see a lot of helicopters!

Excuse the state of the house (and lack of seats), it’s all still a work in progress.

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London Comic Con 2018


Comic Con season is upon us again here in London and we thought it would be a fun day out for the family.  It would be Flynn’s first foray into this world, not counting the last Comic Con we attended where he was still inside his mummy.

Almost as soon as we arrived he refused to sit in his pram and would only be carried before he decided that it was just better to walk under his own power as he could then go where he wanted, when he wanted.  This was usually directly into oncoming foot traffic, but as we were there on the quieter Friday it wasn’t so bad.

He probably said wow more on this one day than the combined wow’s of his life so far.

We had a great day out and Flynn was incredibly well behaved for such a long day.  We were both really proud of him and loved seeing this world through his eyes while he got to meet all of the colourful characters that were in attendance.

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The Nurse Will See You Now

‘Tis the season for colds and general illness, and when Danni and I are sick we tend to wear surgical masks around the house to reduce the chance of passing it on to Flynn.

Like eye glasses, Flynn likes to pull the mask off your face.  This sort of defeats the purpose so we try to give him his own when he’s take an especially focused interest in it.  Sometimes we even help him put it on…

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Light Switch Addict

As part of his never-ending exploration of the world, Flynn has discovered light switches and loves clicking them off and on.  I’m not sure if he likes the mechanical action of the switch itself, or if he enjoys the causal effect it has on the lights, but I do know that he can’t reach the lights on his own and he’s getting too heavy to hold up to the switches for as long as he’d like.

So I thought I’d bring the light switches to him!

My initial thought was just to buy him a panel of switches that he could play with in his play pen, but I was worried he would get bored quickly without the added feedback of some some toggling lights.  I knew I had a bunch of LED’s and wiring in the loft from my old light painting days and figured I could wire something up that would give him that additional feedback I wanted him to have.  I quickly found a tutorial online that would result in something more or less what I had in mind and popped out to the shops to pick up the few remaining bits I needed.  This was mostly just the box to put everything in, the hardware to keep the lid closed, plus a pack to hold the batteries.  All in it cost about £20 for everything, but it would be a bit more if you had to pick up all of the LED’s and wires.

So far it seems to be a success.  Each switch is wired up to an individual red, green, blue or yellow LED and the whole thing passes through a master switch at the side.  He’s been pretty happy to click them off and on for a few minutes at a time on a couple of occasions now, so I consider that a win.

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Visual Comedy

Flynn has been lighting up rooms with his laugh for quite some time now, but this weekend we were treated to what I feel is the first time he laughed because of something he thought was funny and not just because he was really happy or being tickled.

Prior to bath time, Danni had applied a face mask (not make-up, my bad) and upon seeing his mummy with a ghost-white face he couldn’t contain himself.

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Flynn’s First Console Launch

I have long been a Nintendo fan boy starting from when my father bought my brother and I the NES back in 1986.  I have since owned every Nintendo home console and quite a few of their hand-held devices as well.  In fact, I currently have a NES, SNES, GameCube and WiiU hooked up to our TV ready to play at a moments notice (the N64 is actually at my office for…work related reasons, and the Wii is in the loft as I can play those games on the WiiU).

While Flynn may be too young to play games with me now, it won’t be long before we’re exploring new worlds and having our imagination sparked together in the same way that my brother and I did when we were kids.

I have been looking forward to Nintendo’s next console release ever since rumors started swirling around a couple of years ago, and it finally released this month.  Flynn got dressed up for the occasion and we managed to stop playing long enough to pose for a photo with the new console.

I’m already anticipating Nintendo’s next console release when Flynn will be old enough to share in my excitement.

ps: sorry the thumbnail images look a bit creepy, portrait oriented images just get the top & bottom whacked off like that…

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Newly Found Sweet Tooth

I have never had a sweet tooth but since becoming pregnant I am turning into a…. ‘Kevin’, who was born with a sweet tooth. But the problem is that he has several of them.

Now I am in week 36, looking back I don’t think I have had many food cravings nor aversions.  However I did take a sudden interest in one or two things from a very early stage: Starbucks chocolate muffin (which has got a really yummy, gooey centre), and scones with LOTS of clotted cream and jam.

I do have to brag that Kevin makes the best scones; light, airy, moist, and fresh.  They’re capable of standing on their own merit without any additional toppings, but under Flynn’s magic spell I’m constantly losing the battle – although I have tried my hardest to be really good throughout due to the fear for getting gestational diabetes.


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