The Countdown Has Begun!

OK, it’s been going on for quite some time now but I’ve just added a countdown timer on the right hand side there (or at the very bottom if you’re viewing this on a mobile device).

Flynn’s official due date and the date the countdown clock is running against is November 5th, but estimates vary wildly in our house.  Danni feels like he’s going to come early, my money is on him arriving late.  Current guesses are:

Mommy: October 29th (1 month after his cousin’s birthday)
Grandma: Nov 2nd
Daddy: November 11th (1 month before Uncle Ian’s birthday)


Oct 30th: Sorry mummy, no show on the 29th.
Nov 3rd: Sorry grandma, no dice on the 2nd.
Nov 7th: Sorry daddy, the doctors wanted me to come today or you totally would have guessed correctly!


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32 Weeks, Growth Scan

So this time for whatever reason the clinic we went to didn’t feel the need to add an arbitrary dimension to their 3D scans.  Maybe this was the reason I decided to go along this time, but more likely it was because I was a bit jealous of the live images Danni got to see during the last 3D scans.

Once again I was blown away by the tech that allows for these images, even if Flynn wasn’t being particularly accommodating today and kept his leg partially covering his face for the majority of our photo session.


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A Surprise Baby Shower

So in the past few days Kevin was acting a bit weird. Especially last night; he was dashing round, up and down from our loft a few times like a secret agent on a mission.  As usual, I was in bed watching telly and was too lazy to check what he was up to.

But it all became clear when I got up the following day and went downstairs.  Our living room was beautifully decorated with blue balloons and cute garlands, completed with a whole table of finger sandwiches and freshly backed scones all made by my darling Kevin!  There were a pile of nicely wrapped gift boxes as well…  I have heard the term ‘baby shower’ before and since all my close friends were actually quite far away, I never expected one. But there it was! Organised by my love and kept it so sweetly intimate, I was extremely touched by the effort Kevin had gone through to show how much he cares for Flynn and me, and how ready he was to meet our bundle of joy!

Like Christmas morning, after breakfast there comes the gift opening time; how exciting!  Oh my, Flynn and I were so spoilt with all these cute and beautiful presents from Kevin! I won’t go into details to list what they were but we were definitely showered with the greatest love from this golden-hearted man!

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28 Weeks, 4D Scan

Danni had arranged to get some “4D” scans (don’t ask me what the 4th D is here) while I was at work today.  Ordinarily I try to go along to all of the doctor appointments as well as the scans and tests as let’s be honest, dad’s work at this stage is basically non-existent so I just try to be supportive, but I’ve always found these sorts of scans to be slightly creepy.

It’s possible that it’s just because this is my own child, but I think they turned out rather cute and being able to see his face already affected me far more than I’d anticipated it would.


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20 Weeks, Anomaly Scan

We had our all important 20 week scan today where the NHS gets their first, proper look at our little guy. This is a detailed scan of the fetal anatomy (the heart, brain, face, spine, bowel, stomach, kidneys, limbs, hands and feet) looking for any abnormalities.  If we hadn’t already discovered the gender they would also have told us what we should be expecting.

He’s looking much more like a baby now than the previous platypus shape he had during our previous scan.


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18 Weeks, I Feel Baby’s First Movements

You hear so many versions of how baby’s first movements are like, from butterfly fluttering, bubble popping to fish swimming… For me it began with a little bumping movement,  a pulse like feeling, a quick jump.  I first felt this sensation a few days ago and I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but after a couple of days there was no mistaking it.  9 out of 10 times Flynn would bump me each day around 3pm when I have my post-nap strawberry treat. In those photos where my fingertips are is where he does his little jumps 😉

Then gradually it moved on to proper little wiggles, so lovely! After I felt his movements, ”being pregnant” was not just a concept anymore.  It evokes the tenderest feelings, the deep connection between you and him, a very gentle but clear reminder that there is a real baby growing inside of you and from this point on, you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect him.

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Happy Birthday to A Daddy-to-Be

What a year to celebrate!

Robert, Victoria, and their little angle Arianna were taking us to the Sky Garden for Kevin’s birthday drink.  A very special occasion becomes even more memorable when it’s celebrated with our best and closest friends!

And Flynn: Daddy and mummy’s little miracle, you were just as big as an orange at that time 😉 We can’t wait to have you around in our next birthdays. For us, you are and will always be the best present ever!!

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9 Weeks, Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (Panorama)

The Panorama test is a non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT) that assess baby’s risk for genetic disorders such as Down’s syndrome or other abnormalities.  Unlike the traditional invasive tests that carry a miscarriage risk of about 1:100, it analyses baby’s (placental) DNA through a simple blood draw from the mother’s arm.  This test also determines the baby’s gender as early as nine weeks!

Before the blood test carried were out, the clinic did a routine well-being scan for us.  It’s hard to imagine that only 3 weeks after we last saw him, our little one has already developed so much and looks far more like a little person than a bean.


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