Photo Recreation Part Two

You may remember the photo recreation we did for one of Danni’s old photos when Flynn was just a baby.  Well, there was a photo of mine that I wanted to recreate using Flynn as well, but I needed to wait until he was a bit older to do so.

When I was roughly 2.5 years old my father brought home a computer from the college he was working at.  It isn’t unusual to have a computer in your home these days, but in late 1978 it was almost unheard of.  The day it came home I was instantly hooked, and I can vividly remember begging my dad to let me play a mining game on this technological marvel whenever I could.

While we don’t yet let Flynn play any games on the computer, I know there will come a time when he’ll make the same requests from me so I wanted to recreate one of my favourite childhood photos.

It goes without saying that the Surface Pro sitting in front of Flynn has considerably more processing power than Commodore PET that I used to play with, but the level of joy and wonder seems about the same to me…

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Happy Birthday Little Man!

You and mum are currently in China while I’m back here in the UK getting ready for us to move home.  You would’ve been back by now but there were some delays with the house purchase and there’s no point bringing you home to a house full of boxes.  Instead, you’re having a fantastic birthday party in Anshun with all of your extended family there.  I wrapped your gift and can’t wait for your return!

I ate your cupcake…

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Flynnmate #071116

We have a lot of clothes stored up in the loft that are neatly organised into various age ranges that we pull out as he approaches them.  Danni brought down some pajamas this week that are meant to be for 12 months and our chubby little man is already stretching them out.

He also looks conspicuously like he’s meant to be working on a chain gang somewhere in the mid-west circa 1920.

Promise not to tell the warden you’ve seen him here, OK?

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Photo Recreation

Danni has some adorable photos from when she was little, and one of them was by far and away my favourite and one I knew I would want to recreate with our own child.

It’s shown below, but it was a simple black & white photo depicting an adorable, infant Danni and the toy her father had given her.  I scoured the internet to try to find a copy of the inflatable deer she adored so much as a child but the only reasonable copies I found were on Chinese websites and would only ship to Chinese addresses.

Luckily, we have connections over there 😉

I had to spoil my plans and ended up asking Danni to order the inflatable for me so we could do this photo.  She loved the idea and managed to track down a supplier on Taobao and put in an order (minimum 3!).  They arrived in plenty of time, but were about twice the size of Danni’s original and not nearly as cute, but they would have to do.

As these were so much larger we had to prop Flynn up on an overturned basket to get a similar feel.  Fortunately, he’s a pretty strong sitter these days and only fell forward face-planting onto the bed once.  In my head, we would get Flynn to place his arm as lovingly around the deer in the same way his mum had done with her’s decades earlier.  In reality Flynn wasn’t a fan of the deer but did enjoy knocking it over anytime it got too close to him which, while funny, wasn’t exactly the look I was going for.

In the end we settled for the image below.  Flynn is in the midst of teething, so keeping his fingers out of his mouth is a task that no man can accomplish.  We’re happy with the image chosen though as even while chewing his digits you can still see his smiling face.  All that was left was to try to age the image a bit in Photoshop and we have the end result you see below.

Side by side with mummy

Slightly interesting for me at least was to learn one difference between China and the West in relation to photography.  Danni and I were born in the same year a little over a month apart, and when she first saw my baby photos she asked if they had all been colourized.  Turns out, colour photography wasn’t widely available to the average consumer when she was born so all of her baby photos are in black & white.

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On Your Birthday…

I thought it would be nice to know about some of the things that were happening in the world on the day you were born.  First though, here are the specifics of your actual birth.

Date: 07/11/2016
Time: 11:03
Location: Chelsea Westminster Hospital
Outside Temperature: 6°C
Your Weight: 3.32KG (7.32lbs)
Your Length: 55cm (1′ 9″)

And some random things that were relevant on this date to your family and the world at large.

  • UK Number 1 Song: Shout Out To My Ex (Little Mix)
  • Top Movie: Doctor Strange
  • Price of a liter of gas/petrol: £1.15/liter
  • Dad was playing through the recently released Paper Mario: Colour Splash on the Wii U
  • Your Grandfather is currently staying with us to help out
  • The 2016 US presidential elections between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were only a day away.  Trump won, hopefully the world doesn’t end and you get to actually read this.

Also, these waste bins were all over your hospital maternity ward:

At first I thought they were just comically named.  Then I changed your first diaper and understood.

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