Scootering in Beddington Park

Flynn loves his scooter, but beyond zipping around inside our house there aren’t a lot of smooth, level places for him to really get moving so we drove to one of the larger nearby parks for the day.  Beddington park has some great paths for the avid scooter boy to stretch his legs and really build up some speed.

He’s getting really confident these days and is starting to work out how to turn and use the break (thankfully!).  It won’t be long now before we pick up a push bike for him, then a pedal bike and before we know it he’ll be trying to borrow our car…

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Hobbledown Farm

Danni had a jewelry event to attend to so I took the day off and Flynn and I drove out to Hobbledown Farm for the day.  It’s a typical children’s farm affair, but this one has sort of a Fairy and Goblins theme which is a nice change.  The day we went had incredible weather and it was mid-week so the place was practically empty which is always a bonus.  The one downside was that the actors playing the goblins etc. weren’t out that day so that defeated some of the purpose in going to this particular farm.  It didn’t seem to bother Flynn though, who had a great day seeing all of the different animals and playing in their soft-play area and massive sand pit.

The sand pit was even themed as a bit of a goblin mine and the kids were tasked with “digging up gems” that they could turn in for a lollipop if they got enough.  The gems were little glass beads and they were largely just strewn around on top of the sand, and given that we headed straight there when the farm opened we found more than enough to claim our sweet, plus bring a few “treasures” home.

All in all, it was a pretty nice day out.  I think he would get more out of the day if he were a bit older and able to play on more of the playground equipment, zip lines, etc., but we had fun regardless.  The fact that the farm was largely empty helped a lot though!

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Playtime Around The House

With the recent cold, drizzly weather we’ve been having here in London we’ve been spending quite a bit of time indoors playing.  As mentioned before, Flynn loves his Lego and anything to do with fire trucks so he’s more than happy to stay inside playing with his combination Lego/fire truck toys.  

I’ve also been able to finally bring my camera home after a long spate of new hires at the office, so it was nice to get a few more non-phone photos of the little man again.

He’s also very good at acting out various scenarios, as you can see here.

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Library Reading

One of the spots we take Flynn on the not-infrequent rainy days here in Sutton is the local library.  They’ve recently renovated their kids section and it’s a fantastic spot for Flynn to run around in and play with their various sensory toys.  They’ve got infinity mirrors, lights with sounds and all manner of wall mounted wheels and pulleys to play with in addition to the stacks of books.  Usually Flynn is happy just to mill about but today he decided he was going to read a book using almost all of the available reading spots.

He looks very studious, but to be honest he largely wanted to hold on to this particular book because another little boy had expressed interest in it…

Oh, and we can never visit the library without doing a bit of ramp running:

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Sutton Sports Village

We’ve been going to Sutton Sports Village for a while now, including for Flynn’s first birthday party.  But this past year they’ve done some major renovations and I have to say what they’ve built for the kids is amazing.  Danni has taking Flynn here a few times before, but it was my first chance to see the venue and I can see why they love it here so much!

The soft play area is huge and incredible.  It goes up roughly two stories with lots of ramps, ladders, slides, ropes and tunnels, all padded and safe for little ones.  I have to admit I was more than keen to lead Flynn through the structure just so I could experience it myself.  There was also a fantastic ball pit and these tiny, segregated trampolines which we also made full use of…

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